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Kathryn Connolly, Senior Consultant, Digital Solutions; Trinity Consultants

Kathryn Connolly, Senior Consultant; Digital Solutions

Ms. Kathryn Connolly has over five years of experience selecting, designing, implementing, and maintaining digital applications for clients in the natural gas, power, pharmaceutical, chemical, and manufacturing industries across the United States and internationally. Ms. Connolly has served as project manager and lead technical consultant to deliver air emissions inventory, management of change, compliance calendar, audits/inspections, supplier risk management, and safety and environmental incident management solutions for clients across these industries.


Since beginning work at Trinity, Ms. Connolly has provided ongoing software solution maintenance support and strategic program planning to two large pharmaceutical companies and four different natural gas companies. More recently, Ms. Connolly has conducted needs assessments and led requirements gathering workshops to assist clients in identifying the best solution to enhance their environmental, health, safety, and quality (EHSQ) processes. She compiled detailed needs assessment documentation for clients to use to guide the solution selection process and facilitated demos with various third-party software vendors during the software evaluation phase. Ms. Connolly has a wide range of experience with translating EHSQ business processes into custom and third-party software solutions for clients.


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