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Carla Post, Manager, Environmental Sustainability; Leidos Inc.

Carla Post is the Environmental Sustainability Manager at Leidos where she leads the integration of social and environmental considerations into core strategic decisions.  Driven by a strong passion for improving the state of our societies and consciousness, she is an advocate for ensuring businesses have a positive impact.


Carla leads the Sustainability Working Group (SWG), a cross-functional organization focused on improving Leidos’ environmental sustainability posture. Her efforts resulted in Leidos being ranked on Newsweek’s Most Responsible Companies 2021, #38 in the Newsweek Green rankings, the #1 greenest company in the Information & Technology category in 2017, and increasing our Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) scores in Climate Change and Supplier Engagement. She leads development of the Leidos Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report and is a major contributor to the Ethisphere submittal, which has resulted in Leidos being awarded one of the most ethical companies for the past five years.


As the lead for the SWG, she is responsible for implementing strategies that reduce energy consumption and investing in renewable energy across the enterprise, improving employee awareness of environmental sustainability and educating employees on how to improve workplace behavior to reduce wasteful energy consumption. She collaborates with teams on real estate efficiency including alternative workplace strategies and commuting programs. Leidos has achieved an absolute GHG reduction of about 55% compared to our 2010 baseline, which is more than double our 2020 goal of 25%. Further, under her tenure, we have increased renewable energy purchases through Renewable Energy Credits.


Most recently, Carla spearheaded the procurement and implementation of an enterprise Sustainability software to provide transparency to consumers, investors and other stakeholders as well as enable impact reduction, achieve sustainability goals and become an even more responsible business. Her multiple pro-active Earth Day campaigns have reached thousands of employees as well as their families, and facilitated support to the surrounding communities. This is the third enterprise-wide software that she has both led, managed and implanted for a multi-national company.


Carla recently transferred from the Corporate Real Estate team where she was the Director for Environmental Sustainability/Employee Engagement to Corporate Communications to co-lead the formulation of Leidos’ new purpose-driven long-term sustainability vision, mission and operating principles, including a focus on Mental Well-Being. Just prior to this transition, she developed and executed a successful communications strategy/change management plan across communication channels, audiences and client groups for the new Global Headquarters and evolution of the Leidos Workplace of the Future.


After obtaining a BS in Mass Communication and Political Science, she joined SAIC (legacy Leidos) in 1991 and immediately excelled in her executive career track. Carla is a multi-faceted, strategic leader. She possesses exceptional communications skills and has extensive experience strengthening alliances with stakeholders and partners and building successful, cross-functional, teams. Promoted ten times during more than twenty six years, her experience includes conference, event and program management, facilities direction, sustainability, food service and vendor management, customer service, communications and media relations, organizational change management, corporate policy development, software management and corporate responsibility.


Early career highlights include traveling the world representing NASA, managing both the media relations and event organization for the life-changing DoD Era of Hope Breast Cancer Research Program Meeting, as well as numerous events for Department of Veterans Affairs, EPA, and other governmental and internal organizations. After 9-11, she co-authored the Leidos corporate contract addendum for hotels and meetings and was an integral contributor to the adoption of a Strategic Conference and Event Management posture. Still in use today, both programs have protected the company from millions of dollars in financial risk and liability. She is the recipient of an SAIC Achievement Award, recognizing extraordinary contributions made by individuals or teams in achieving and advancing the corporations mission, vision, and organizational goals. 


Carla’s transition from the world of event and facility direction to sustainability began after leading the effort to take the SAIC campus landfill-free. As part of that effort, she instituted a corporate compost and waste diversion program, worked with internal and external stakeholders on environmentally preferable product procurement and created the “Army of Green” employee engagement team. Following the Leidos/SAIC split, she continued to push for additional circular and reusable facility standards including removing plastic water bottles, digital signage to reduce paper waste, reusable product standards, and improving recycling education efforts. She worked to expand the Flavia freshpack recycling program to all corporate managed facilities preventing millions of single-serve coffee packs from reaching landfills. After observing significant amounts of food waste in shared conference facilities, she began a program where leftover meals and serving products/utensils were donated – and delivered - to local shelters. She is also responsible for instituting a facilities donation program where surplus furniture is donated to multiple charities, resulting in significant landfill diversion.


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